Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a Small Town Girl

I see many things in this one. Origins and endings: where we all start and where we end up. How where we start affects the rest of our life. Do we long for where we were? Or are we glad that is behind us? Do we want to head somewhere new? Complications of long distances. The road between us and loved ones. Is it a needed distance or an extra stressor?

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Anonymous said...

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder... I don't know how much I believe that one. I hate the distance because it makes us label our loved ones into categories. My brother will always label my dad as overbearing, power hungry, and childish. If he were close to my dad more often, he would realize that it is only one of the many coats my dad wears. My brother is glad to have distance between him and his origins. Me on the other hand, I like the distance, but I can't keep distant for too long or else I'll start labeling my parents as not enough X not to mention Y and then there's way too much Z.
We long for our origins. I think Yuba City was the best place ever to grow up. I resented moving to Salinas, and though I found new roots there over time, I still wished I was in Yuba City. It's like how this year the one thing my sister wanted for her birthday was a Red Robin Burger in Yuba City. Or how all I want is to go fishing up near Oroville Lake.

In the end the important thing is that we grow. In faith. In hope. In experience. In trust. In friendship. In God. In Love. And just because we don't think we are growing in any of these things doesn't mean that we aren't. Sometimes it's when you are growing most that you feel you are getting nowhere fast.

And now I've been babbling on instead of cleaning my room. I should prolly go to dinner with my sister now...